Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023: A Padel Racket Review

Are you an advanced and experienced athlete looking for a padel racket? Look no further than the Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 ! This racket is ideal for patient defenders who have good technique and seek power and precision on the court.

The Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 is a high-quality padel racket that delivers power and control. While it has a few aspects that could be improved, it remains an excellent choice for players seeking an advantage in their game.

Adidas Metalbone 2023 Ctrl: Features

The Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 is a versatile, control-oriented, and oversized padel racket that is among the top of the brand’s range. It features a classic and elegant grey and electric blue graphic design with high-quality finishes.

The racket’s sweet spot is not overly large but provides a comfortable feel when hitting the ball. The low-density EVA SOFT Performance core provides a soft touch. The Octagonal Structure technology and the carbon fiber composition offer strength, power, and durability.

The racket’s shape is round and slightly teardrop-like, with a rectangular hole pattern that offers more rigidity and homogeneity to the entire racket. The racket’s weight ranges from 345 to 360 grams, making it comfortable to play with. The length is 455 cm, and the thickness is 38mm.

Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 Review

Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 Review

Adidas Padel Racket Technology and Systems

The Smart Holes Curves technology positions holes in a curved manner, with equal diameters, and the Weight Balance System allows users to adjust the balance and weight. The 3D Spin Blade technology replaces silica sand, giving more rotation to the ball, and the Anti-vibration System is integrated into the tubular. Carbon tubulars are reinforced for stability and a better response during play.


The Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 is available at a range of prices between €300 to €350, making it an affordable option for a high-quality padel racket.

Overall, the Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 2023 is an ideal padel racket for advanced players to dominate the game, control the ball, and keep opponents out of their comfort zone.

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